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Getting Your Business Online

The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce, in coordination with Internet Services of Michigan, Inc. (ISMI) is proud to present an easy way for you to establish a presence on the Internet for your business. Below is the explanation of our offerings and how to take advantage of them.

Level 1: Free Listing in the Online Business Directory   

Your business and contact information appears free in the searchable online business directory. You automatically receive this for being a member of the Chamber.

Level 1a: A Logo Link to Your Existing Web Site   

If you have an existing Web Site, this offers a way for your logo to appear next to your name in the online business directory. When the logo is clicked, the user is taken to your Web Site automatically.

Level 2: One Web Page (8.5″ x 11″) with up to 5 Pictures   

This cost-effective method is a great way to get your business on the Web. Level 2 consists of 1 8.5″x11″ sheet of information with up to 5 pictures. Within 1 week, your information becomes part of the World Wide Web and is linked to via the online business directory.

Taking advantage of Level 2 can be as easy as calling the Web Design Manager at ISMI and saying “Use my phone book advertisement” or any other advertisement your business currently has. If you want to have a Level 2 site, all that is needed is an 8.5″x11″ sheet with a rough layout of your site and up to 5 images (photos are fine).

Level 3: A Multi-Page Web Site with up to 5 Web Pages   

Level 3 allows you to have an in-depth Web Site created for your business. This level consists of up to 5 separate pages (8.5″x11″) of information with up to 20 total images (photos are fine). An outline of a Level 3 site for a restaurant might include: 1 “Welcome to our Business” page (with a picture of the building), 2 pages consisting of the menu, 1 page of specials (perhaps coupons), and 1 page of contact information (hours, services offered such as catering, phone number, E-mail, etc…).

Taking advantage of Level 3 can be as easy as laying out a site on 5 pieces of 8.5″x11″ paper and coming up with photographs to enhance the layout.

If you need assistance in the development of your site, you can call the Web Design Manager at ISMI and set up an appointment to create the site and/or edit your existing material. Be sure to bring your business card, any current advertisements, any pertinent photographs and any special material relating to your business (such as a menu if your business is a restaurant). Level 3 also includes one round of revisions before the final debut of your site on the World Wide Web.

Level 4: Banner Ad on the Chamber’s Home Page   

If you have a Web Site already, this offers a way for you to appear with 4 other ads on the Chamber’s Home Page for one month. Level 4 is first come, first serve and is limited to 5 random ads per month.

Taking advantage of Level 4 is as simple as sending us an email with the location of your Web Site, or calling the Web Design Manager at ISMI with the location of your Web Site. All ad design and placement into the rotation are taken care of automatically.